Jesse and Vita request that each guest dress in accordance with a specific set of guidelines.

General Notes

For all other questions, please email - we’d be thrilled to assist you.

1– For all events, the betrothed kindly request that you avoid black, navy, and grey*. The more color, drama, and joy the better. Come away from your comfort zone and wear something exhilarating.

*Want to wear a neutral color? You may file a special request at

2– You may wear heels if you like. This is a farm and there will be walking. Please no stilettos.

3– There will be fashion awards given out at the end of the weekend to the most committed guests.

4– Nights in Napa are chilly. Please bring layers for the evenings: sweater, shawl, jacket, long underwear, socks, puffer jacket, wearable sleeping bags, etc.

5– For time in between events, bring clothes and shoes for lounging, swimming, walking, hiking, yoga, etc.

6– Remember, if you have any questions about what to wear or are in desperate need of inspiration please email us at


Friday Morning

Details →

Dress Code

Athletic attire.

Pool attire and casualwear for afterwards.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear workout clothes?


Should I bring a bathing suit?


Can I wear traditional Olympic attire?

Why would you wear anything else?

Will my outfit be considered for an award? Will my outfit count towards the all-around trophy?

Of course. It is the “all-around” trophy after all!

Pictures Worth Many Thousands of Words (Inspiration)


Friday Evening

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Dress Code

Suits, two pieces or more.

We kindly request no black, grey, or navy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Should women also wear suits?

Yes - and there’s a dazzling array of colorful options!

Can I wear a jumpsuit?

Unfortunately not, a jumpsuit only has 1 piece.

Can I wear patterns?

Yes, of course, as long as they are not primarily black, grey, or navy. If you’re unsure, please email with your potential outfit for a ruling.

Is this a letter or spirit of the law kind of dress code?

Spirit ;)

Do I need to wear a tie?

No - but you are welcome to if it is important to your outfit, your vibe, or just makes you feel a bit more comfortable.

Pictures Worth Many Thousands of Words (Inspiration)

You can also find goodies others have discovered but don’t plan to wear here.

The Wedding

Saturday Late Afternoon & Evening

Details →

Dress Code

Dress up - it's a wedding.

We have selected a unique image for each of you.

You can find yours in the zine in your invitation, or in our online image catalog→

Please use your provided image as inspiration for your outfit - color, pattern, energy, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear neutral colors, including black, grey, or navy?

Yes - If you do decide to go with a more neutral outfit, please (please) try and add a bit of color or flair or find some other way to incorporate your inspiration.

Can I wear a suit? Can it be grey, navy, or black?

Yes, to both.

Should I wear a jacket or blazer?

If you’d like, but it is not required.

Do I need to wear the exact clothing item in my image or specific color (if applicable)?

No, the image is purely for inspiration. Take what you like, what you connect with and let it guide your look. Extra points if you do dress exactly like your image.

Okay but actually...where do I even begin?

Start with what you’d wear to a wedding. Remember it’s a summer wedding. Then add color, style, and whatever you take away from your provided inspiration image. The most important thing is you feel comfortable and you’re ready to party.

Pictures Worth Many Thousands of Words (Inspiration)

You can also find goodies others have discovered but don’t plan to wear here.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Morning

Details →

Dress Code

Whatever you want.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, can I really wear whatever I want?

Within reason...

Will there be photos taken at the event?

Yes - but don’t worry, your outfit will be safe with all of us.

Can I wear pool attire?